Zika virus


Singapore Experiencing Fresh Zika Cases

In Singapore, while only 1 Zika case was reported in the last week, 33 cases have been reported in 2017, most of them in the past month. Singapore is the only country in SE or East Asia with a current travel advisory issued by the CDC. It is unlikely that Zika transmission is contained to […]

New Zika Risk Along Mississippi Flyway

Disease forecaster Ascel Bio is issuing a watch notice for the areas around Davenport Iowa and Columbus Mississippi, following the emergence of environmental conditions there that are linked to the spread of the Zika carrying Aedes aegypti mosquito. Zika risk has remained high in roughly two dozen locations in Hawaii, the East Coast and other […]

Zika Virus in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is in peak season for Zika and dengue transmission. The spread of Zika in the region has been slower than in the Americas, though over 1200 cases of Zika have been reported across the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore, and more countries continue to report new infections, including Malaysia, Cambodia, and Indonesia. The slower […]

Zika Spreading in Florida, Gulf Coast Risk High

Local Zika transmission has expanded further in Miami-Dade County to an area of 4.5 square miles. The number of reported cases transmitted locally has reached 35, and may be under-reported. Ascel Bio’s Zika Risk NowCast shows significantly increased risk of mosquito growth along the Gulf Coast from Florida to Texas since the early summer (image below). With […]
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Zika and Dengue in Singapore

This is a non-routine dengue transmission year for Singapore, with unusual peaking transmission in the first quarter of 2016.September is traditionally the end of peak dengue transmission in Singapore. Case counts are lower than expected in the second half of the year, but within forecast range. Slightly increasing transmission reported in the last few weeks […]

Local Zika Transmission in Florida

14 cases of locally-transmitted Zika have been reported in Miami, Florida. These are the first cases of Zika to transmit locally via mosquitoes in the United States. A travel advisory to the area has been issued by the CDC, consistent with past travel advisories to areas of local Zika activity. Live forecasts issued today by […]
20160711 NowCast - Zika Risk Spreads to California, Atlantic Coast Florida, Scottsbluff Nebraska

Weather conditions increasing risk of Zika

Live forecasts issued today by Ascel Bio show dramatic increases over the weekend in the climate conditions favoring Aedes aegypti mosquito growth.  Risk of the Zika vector’s growth is now high on both the east and west coasts of south Florida, and parts of Louisiana, Mississippi, southeastern Texas, as well as Hawaii and Atlantic City New Jersey.  […]
20160707 Zika Risk Elevates in Texas

Zika Risk Now High In SE Texas

Disease forecaster Ascel Bio is now projecting high Zika risk along the south eastern coast of Texas, from Brownsville to Corpus Christi. Ascel Bio has been tracking daily weather patterns in the US since April, providing updates on locations where Aedes aegypti mosquito growth is likely.  Today’s NowCast shows high risk conditions also in Florida, […]

Warm Weather Favors Mosquito Growth in US

Disease forecaster Ascel Bio is tracking daily weather patterns in the US, providing updates on locations where Aedes aegypti mosquito growth is likely. Today’s NowCast shows favorable conditions in Key West, Southeastern Louisiana, Atlantic City, Hawaii, and Brookhaven, Mississippi. The Zika NowCast does not take into consideration potential mosquito reduction efforts, as is being done […]
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Higher Zika Risk in FL, LA, NJ & HI

Live forecasts issued today by Ascel Bio show an elevated risk of Zika transmission in Key West, the southeastern shore of Louisiana, Atlantic City, and multiple sites in Hawaii. Ascel’s bio-meteorologists say while there is currently no ongoing transmission of Zika in the continental United States, and infections to date have been imported from Brazil […]

Zika in the United States: A Latent Threat

by Diana Higuera Ascel Bio’s Zika Risk Nowcast shows low current risk for the presence of Aedes aegypti mosquitos across the mainland US, based on environmental indicators. Puerto Rico, however, has reported significant local transmission of Zika since December 31, 2015. Puerto Rico reported the first case of such complication earlier this year and according to the […]

Decreasing Incidence of Dengue and Zika in Brazil

by Diana Higuera Dengue, Chikungunya and Zika cases are decreasing in Brazil. The Ascel Bio forecast shows a downward trend in the cases of Dengue after a peak during late March and early April. Cases are expected to drop during the first week of June. This pattern is consistent with the seasonal peak observed in […]