Singapore Experiencing Fresh Zika Cases

In Singapore, while only 1 Zika case was reported in the last week, 33 cases have been reported in 2017, most of them in the past month. Singapore is the only country in SE or East Asia with a current travel advisory issued by the CDC. It is unlikely that Zika transmission is contained to […]
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Zika and Dengue in Singapore

This is a non-routine dengue transmission year for Singapore, with unusual peaking transmission in the first quarter of 2016.September is traditionally the end of peak dengue transmission in Singapore. Case counts are lower than expected in the second half of the year, but within forecast range. Slightly increasing transmission reported in the last few weeks […]

Singapore: Dengue Risk Rising in May

By Patrick Wedlock Disease forecaster Ascel Bio today observed that dengue outbreaks have decreased in April, but they are forecast by Ascel Bio to rise again in mid-May. Health authorities are concerned about unusually high weekly case counts in the country and are dedicating resources to slow the spread of transmission.  

Asia Travel Alert: Unseen Risks of Melioidosis

By Patrick Wedlock Ascel Bio disease forecasts for Singapore (right) show that melioidosis risk is continuing to decline there, but that there continue to be reasons for caution and good prevention.   Unfortunately disease forecasts for the disease are not available in other Asian countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, and China. A new study […]