Mumps Alerts for 6 States

Disease forecaster Ascel Bio is issuing alerts for mumps in 6 states: Missouri, California, Colorado, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, including an ongoing outbreak at the University of Missouri in Columbia. In the first 6 weeks of 2017, the CDC has recorded 767 cases of mumps nationwide, an increase of 468 cases from the same period […]

Pacific Mumps – Still “Off the Charts”; Also TX Risk

Ascel Bio: The Pacific region of the United States remains under a watch for Measles, with mid-January 2017 cases still well above forecast ranges.  A spike over the past few weeks has occurred, and follows a concerning number of cases in the Pacific region in December.  Mumps cases in the Pacific region occurred at three times […]
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Mumps Warning in New York and Oklahoma

by Dan Nguyen Disease forecaster Ascel Bio today is issuing an alert for Mumps disease across the United States. Warnings for New York and Oklahoma are issued as these states are seeing higher incidence rates above forecast, according to the most recent data from early October 2016. Ascel Bio’s current projections for the mentioned states are expected […]
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Mumps Making Headlines

by Dan Nguyen Disease forecaster Ascel Bio is projecting an increase in a demand for care caused by mumps in the East North Central Region (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin) of the United States as we enter the spring season. Ascel Bio’s forecasts show an increase of mumps cases starting in early March, peaking in […]
By Clive Leviev-Sawyer of the Sofia Globe

Germany – Refugees Not Up on Common Vaccinations

Refugees arriving from Eastern Europe and the Middle East may not be up to date on vaccinations for certain diseases like measles, mumps, and hepatitis. The spread of measles in Berlin in the past year was attributed to contact between an under-vaccinated community and migrants carrying the disease. While peak measles season has passed, the […]