Zika Virus in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is in peak season for Zika and dengue transmission. The spread of Zika in the region has been slower than in the Americas, though over 1200 cases of Zika have been reported across the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore, and more countries continue to report new infections, including Malaysia, Cambodia, and Indonesia. The slower […]

Decreasing Incidence of Dengue and Zika in Brazil

by Diana Higuera Dengue, Chikungunya and Zika cases are decreasing in Brazil. The Ascel Bio forecast shows a downward trend in the cases of Dengue after a peak during late March and early April. Cases are expected to drop during the first week of June. This pattern is consistent with the seasonal peak observed in […]

Singapore: Dengue Risk Rising in May

By Patrick Wedlock Disease forecaster Ascel Bio today observed that dengue outbreaks have decreased in April, but they are forecast by Ascel Bio to rise again in mid-May. Health authorities are concerned about unusually high weekly case counts in the country and are dedicating resources to slow the spread of transmission.  

Brazil Dengue Forecasts, Zika Spread

by Patrick Wedlock Brazil is entering peak arboviral disease season – dengue fever is forecast to peak between February and June. Chikungunya and Zika virus are also expected to increase during this time. São Paulo Dengue Forecast Salvador Dengue Forecast               The number of new cases of Zika in Brazil […]

Unusually High Dengue Activity in Hawaii

The state of Hawaii is currently reporting unusually high dengue activity.  Forecasting by DiseaseCast for other countries’ dengue activity has been quite successful.  However, CDC has not made current dengue data available as part of the US government Open Data initiative.  Until they do, US forecast capabilities for dengue will remain behind a multitude of […]

Sudan: Suspected VHF Outbreak [UPDATE 2]

Image Credit Location: Sudan: 21 localities in West, Central, North, East, and South Darfur Disease: Confirmed Severe Dengue Fever Update:  The recent outbreak of suspected viral hemorrhagic fever (VHF) was likely caused by the dengue virus.  The Sudanese Ministry of Health (MoH) last week confirmed an outbreak of dengue fever in Darfur and according to […]

India: Dengue Season

By Patrick Wedlock Disease: Dengue fever Recap: Nation-wide outbreak of dengue fever causing various levels of local disruption with over 12,000 cases reported in New Delhi, and thousands more reported in other major cities; IDIS: Cat 5, national level Current vs. Forecast: Dengue fever in India has a strong seasonality in the late summer and […]

Philippines: Dengue Activity

Disease: Dengue fever Recap: Central Luzon, Calabarzon, and the National Capital Region are experiencing an increase in dengue cases in September and October, leading to a number of regional and national countermeasures. Nationally, cases have reached above 100,000, almost 25% higher than the same time last year, and states of emergency have been declared in […]

Taiwan: Record-Breaking Dengue Activity

Disease: Dengue fever Recap: Over 25,000 cases of dengue fever have been reported in Taiwan, with over 20,000 reported in Tainan City and over 4,000 in Kaohsiung. Health officials are reporting a suspected increase in cases in Kaohsiung while transmission in Tainan City tapers off. The threat of Tropical Storm Koppu is worrying officials as […]

Taiwan – Tainan City High Risk of Dengue

Persons living in Tainan City at highest risk of dengue exposure. Since May, over 5,000 cases have been reported from this city and 29 people have died. Both disease transmission and the strictness of countermeasures are expected to increase sharply over the next month.

India – Study Pinpoints Predominant DenGue Strains

A study by AIIMS in New Delhi has pinpointed DenGue Types II and IV as this year’s predominant strains – both of which are highly virulent, and one of which, Type II, can lead to hemorrhagic fever. So far this year, New Delhi has reported 1,259 cases and 2 deaths, though the true number of […]

Brazil – Dengue Expected to Continue Through November

Health authorities are concerned about the potential for continued transmission of Dengue fever into October and November after many mosquito larvae had been found. Historically, Dengue transmission drops significantly during these months after the rainy season, but Ascel Bio will be monitoring closely for any sign of continued heightened transmission. Transmission of Chikungunya is ongoing […]