Ascel Bio is a disease forecasting and outbreak warning company headquartered in New York. Since 2010, Ascel Bio has built a track record for accurate and reliable predictions.

The environment plays an important role in public health and the spread of disease. Over the past 50 years great leaps forward in environmental sciences have made it possible to precisely forecast temperature and precipitation, and anticipate extreme weather. Ascel Bio translates these advances to the field of health. To make predictions, Ascel Bio applies the large body of literature linking health and the spread of infectious disease to environmental conditions.

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Ascel Bio’s forecasts were first used in a U.S. clinical setting in 2011. Ascel Bio’s forecasts are now distributed to over 300,000 North American and international physicians. Ascel Bio has provided forecasting services to government and industry too. Here is what one public health official has had to say about Ascel Bio forecasts:

“Delta County Colorado benefited as an early adopter of Ascel Bio’s infectious disease forecasts. It gave us the opportunity to work with the medical community proactively by being able to anticipate disease presentations and occurrence based on historical patterns in our County and State. Community public health improved as a result of the use of Ascel Bio’s forecasts.”

Bonnie Horn Koehler, Director/Health Officer
Delta County Health Department

Ascel Bio has been forecasting Canadian disease outbreaks for commercial clients since 2013.

hMPV Forecast 2015 Ontario
Data source: Public Health Canada. Chart source: Ascel Bio Inc. Red line is daily forecast. Top blue line is high standard deviation (one of many possible alert/warning thresholds).

Providing practical information:
Ascel Bio has developed technology that can deliver local forecasts for reportable diseases, such as pneumonia and Lyme Disease.

Delivering accurate and reliable forecasts of future disease events.
Ascel Bio has developed technology that can deliver local forecasts beyond typical reportable diseases, such as for urinary tract infections and warts.

Ascel Bio Infectious Disease Forecast Stations TM are useful in daily events.
Many times the so-called experts fail to answer simple questions like: How bad is this outbreak? Is this outbreak getting better or worse? Is this outbreak something that happens every day or a surprise? So, where can people go to get real answers?

Inventing the tools used to measure impact on communities.
International travel is at all-time highs. Americans travel globally for business and leisure, and foreigners enter the country every day. But foreign governments often don’t have the public health infrastructure to adequately track and report disease outbreaks. So, where can you go for travel updates?

Ascel Bio provides disease forecasts and warnings from around the world.

True Forecasters
Providing accurate and reliable predictions of future events.
Forecasting in over 20 countries, across 200 diseases.

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Leading Scientists
Invented Infectious Disease Forecast Station™ technology.
Invented Infectious Disease Impact Scale™.

First in forecasting for American doctors, with clinical use of forecasts by doctors and patients since 2012. Same team that provided the first warning on H1N1 pandemic. Same team that identified the source of cholera outbreak in Haiti. Same team that built America’s “NORAD for Infectious Disease”.

Distributed to over 300,000 doctors. Major weather forecaster’s disease forecasting partner. Defense and public health users. Incorporated into curriculum of University of Nevada, Reno.